Toyah                                                22.05 - 23.20  22

From punk princess to cult stage actress to high priestess of TV, Toyah Willcox is a uniquely gifted performer and an inextinguishable flame. Charismatic, outspoken and totally unique, she is one of Britain’s iconic household names and we are delighted to welcome her to Mantonfest 2017.

An award-winning rock legend as well as a much-loved stage/screen actress and music composer Toyah has commanded a career that has spanned over 35 years. In that time she has amassed thirteen Top 40 singles, recorded 24 albums and toured live across the world many times.

This up-beat and energetic festival set features her full electric band playing all her hit singles including Good Morning Universe, Thunder In The Mountains, It’s A Mystery, I Want To Be Free, Brave New World and Rebel Run.

Toyah Wilcox: vocals
Chris Wong: guitar
Andy Doble: keyboards
Tim Rose: bass
John Humphreys: drums

Creedence Clearwater Revived      20.20 - 21.35 20
Creedence Clearwater Revived

Creedence Clearwater Revived is a world-class tribute band bringing us all the hits made so famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival during the 60s and 70s. 
Featuring Johnnie "Guitar" Williamson on guitar, the band’s performance is dedicated to the memory of CCR guitarist Tom Fogerty who died in 1990
Johnnie is joined on stage by Peter Barton on vocals and guitar, Chris Allen on bass and Wally Day on drums.

MantonFest is delighted to welcome the band to this year’s event.

Josie and the Outlaw                       19.00 - 19.50  19

Josie and the OutlawsJosie and the Outlaw is an upbeat and high-energy band, backed by world class musicians from the worlds of blues, rockabilly and rock and roll.  Josie graced the festival a few years back and we are very pleased to welcome her back.

With rockabilly guitar, upright slap bass and driving drums accompanying Josie’s vocals the band produces a distinctive and fabulous sound. An extremely popular band, with real entertainment value and a great band to usher in Creedence Clearwater Revived and Toyah.

The Clive Collective                         17.55 - 18.45

The Clive CollectiveThe Clive Collective is returning for a second year after making a real splash last year!  This funky six-piece soul band, who boast just a touch of Frank Zappa, put on an impressive show.

Formed by multi-talented local musician and producer-engineer Nick Beere and his wife, the band is a real class act and garnered praise from all the acts last year.

We are delighted to welcome back this fantastic band to MantonFest 2017.

Barrelhouse                                      16.45 - 17.40

BarrelhouseThe mission of Barrelhouse is to play vintage blues with a hard edge groove and they achieve this with style!  A busy gigging and recording band who have spent much of the last year promoting their album ‘Mooncalf Blues’, it’s great to have them join us this year.

Guitarist Tim Harvey makes all his own guitars and even plays a four strong guitar fashioned from a cigar box!  He is joined by drums, vocals, bass and blues harmonica…. a bit like Seasick Steve on overdrive!   

Producing a huge sound, this band will give your hips a workout with their up-beat original tracks and classic covers.

The Banned                                      15.45 - 16.30

The BannedThe Banned is a classic garage group – a few people who got together in a back room to play some music just for the hell of it!  However most critics agree that, since they learnt that fourth chord, they’ve been pretty much unstoppable!

Featuring as eclectic a range as you’d expect from seven people arguing about what song to play next and a philosophy that music should at the end of the day be about fun more than anything, their on-going mission is to be the “okay-est” covers band in the world! We welcome them back to MantonFest with open arms.

Mo Mojo                                            14.45 - 15.30

                  MojoGet ready to rock! 

Mo Mojo bring us a set of classic rock covers with their own touch of Mojo! 

Formed in 2007 this Reading and Oxford based band are Tim Child on lead vocals and guitar, Kev Smith on guitar, Nick Waite on bass and backing vocals, Nick Skidmore on drums and Simon Tunstill on sax and keyboards.

Dancing is guaranteed at a Mo Mojo gig and we thank the band for joining us for their first time at MantonFest.

Charlotte and Shaun                        13.55 - 14.30

Charlotte and ShaunCharlotte and Shaun having been playing together for nearly three years playing a wide range of acoustic covers ranging from Adele to Bob Marley to Queen and so much more.

We describe their style as like the 'Live Lounge' as they interpret and perform every song in their own unique style.

Skedaddle                                         13.00 - 13.40

SkedaddleThe festival will be opened this year by Manton’s very own Skedaddle – a six piece semi acoustic band playing a crossover of blues, jazz and souls.  The band will bring us a mix of covers and original material in their own unique style.

Sensational vocal harmonies are provided by Jane Witcomb and Amanda Hancock bringing a fresh and uplifting approach to classic tracks and long lost tunes.  Original compositions are by guitarist and bass player Stuart Whant and completing the line-up are Chris Witcomb (guitar) and Eddie Witcomb (drums).

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